Liberty's Skies

Episode 3: The Circus

The circus is in town, and a young girl has gone missing... do you want to join the circus?

Upon returning to Newton from Houstons Ranch the Crew attended to dirtside bussiness. Including buying ancient weaponry, purchasing and assembling a skiff and getting tea and whores, while in town the crew realised that the circus was in town. While at the House of Many Pleasure Madame Engel approached the crew. One of her Girls Daniele had gone missing and she wanted the crew to find out if she was ok.

The crew headed to the circus, to ensure she had not run off. After investigating which led to adventures in itself. The aquisition of a monkey, stuffed panda’s and the glory of ringfighting. The investigations yielded a concession fromt he Ringleader Douvalle, that someone new may have joined the circus.

He led the crew out back where he subsequently turned on them, ordering twelve carnies to kill. The crew proved victoious and Douvalle led the crew to the girl Daniele, held in a cage. He also admitted to the sinister nature of the circus, the fact



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