Liberty's Skies

Episode 4: Ott's Men Part 1

The tale of Ott's 45th overlanders exploits and how they effect the future.

The crew return to Townsend’s Workshop to find Major Houston waiting for them. He asksed the Crew to help him take the first steps in running for the gubenorial election. He asked two things. Firstly that Mr. Lycreese Pannery and Mr. Ryans use thier influence with prefect Tam to get him confirmed as a candidate. And secondly that the Veterans recount the tragedy of Anna Coya to the journalist Karra Kade.

Despite initial aprehension Atley and Pannery were compelled by honour to convince Prefect Tam to confirm Houston as a candidate.

Meanwhile the former members of the 45th overlanders reccounted how they met Anna Coya before the asualt on the badly neglected fortress of Attikia. The last thing the crew told Karra Kade was of the rescue of captured brown coat scientist Allen Whitehall, and how they had to transfer him to the city of Newton some 200 miles away.



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