Liberty's Skies

Episode 5: Ott's men Part 2

Ott and his squad of 45th overlanders Reccount how they made an ally.

Ott, Anderson and Deadeye retell war stories to the journalist Karra Kade. They tell of escorting Allen Whitehall behind enemy lines. Getting chased by an allaince patrol. Being rescued by Major Houston and Anderson via independence fighter. Daring ariel escape to newton. Meeting Anna Coya’s twin brother Dimitri*. Then they reccounted the newton massacre and how Anna Coya did not make it to the bunkers. And how they went above ground to find her via a secret tunnel. The carnage they found and the piles of tortured brown coat corpses. Then the contact with the 771st and Commander Treyman in which deadeye was captured and tortured. although treyman could not break Deadeye . Then the 45th overlanders daring distraction and assualt on 771st camp. They rescued Deadeye and shot Tex shot Treyman through back. However Anna coya told deadeye not to rescue her. Karra Kade said she would make an expose article on Commander Treyman.

*who pupports to be a computer scientist



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