Liberty's Skies

Episode 6: Can't take the sky

Major Houston gets shot, the crew are blamed and forced to run, and Anna Coya is an ally on the inside of 771st

After hearing the tale of Ott’s squad of 45th overlanders Karra Kade leaves Lucky’s Tavern to draft her article and the rest of the crew plus major Houston arrives. The Major discusses the role of the crew in his election campaign and tells them he has a contact on Triumph. When Major Houston leaves he is shot outside lucky’s tavern. A number of 771st veterans led by Anna Coya have tried to assasinate Major Houston. Crew confront assaisins however during the heat of battle Anna Coya tells the crew she is an ally.

The crew take Major Houston to Dr. Orwells clinc for treatment. They find out a warrant has been put out for Deadeye, Ott, Anderson and Ryans for the attempted murder and abduction of Major Houston. The Crew flees Newton. Then decides to go to Persephone to meet one of Anderson’s contacts. While fueling up crew are confronted by Lieutennant Mya Zarra, an allaince customs officer. Pannery uses influence to get crew free. The lady liberty flies for a week to Persephone, on arrival the crew recieve hostile greetings from Badger and his goons in response to the crews maltreatment of his cousin Bacon.



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