Liberty's Skies

Episode 7: Marie Celeste

When badgers straps a bomb to the lady liberty the crew pursue the lost treasure ship the 'Celeste'.

The crew landed on Persephone looking for work Badger straps a bomb on the ‘Lady Liberty’ for Injuries inflicted on his cousin Bacon. Badger wants the crew to find a treasure ship which went missing 3 years ago suspected that Reavers were responsible.

The crew with little choice flew to the Blue sun System. Here they investigated the scavenger settlement of Talon. The main attraction of the town was the local meet up, part tavern and part auction house for salvage. Here the characters met Allen Whitehall attending the auction, a strange man in a suit with blue gloves and a Nasty man with many scars who called himself Harry.

After a while the auction house cleared out the regulars for a secret sale of illegal salvage and special items. A signal Jammer came up at auction which could disable the bomb on board the ‘Lady Liberty’. Unfortunately Captain Harry out bid the crew intentionally giving them an ultimatum. They could do a job for him in exchange for the Jammer or they could live with the explosives on board.

After electing to do the Job the crew were told to go to the wreckage fields to investigate a sighting of the ‘Celeste’. Harry’s vessel the ‘Juggernaught’ a salvager made of canablised parts of different ships would come in if the crew found anything.

The crew spotted a passanger liner being approached by the Marie Celeste, appparently a Reaver vessel. Just when the crew decided to intercede another reaver vessel came on radar, the Mary Celeste fled, then a 5th ship came into range, the ‘Jugernaught’ now working for Badger, pursuing the Celeste.

After some masterful piloting and hacking from the crew the Juggernaught was left adrift



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