Allen Whitehall

Allen Whitehall is a fence for all soughts of illegal goods, however his favorite things to deal in are earth-that was artifacts.


From a small “general store” in newton one of the most successful “merchants” on the rim runs his business. Allen Whitehall will trade in all soughts of scavenged, dubiously acquired and even stolen goods.

Allen has a personal taste however for earth that was, the more illegal and expensive the better. He maintains a massive collection of artifacts below his general store which he simply uses as a mean to acquire more of these priceless items. He even has a room stocked with authentic 1930’s furniture and novelties which he likes to conduct his more sophisticated business from.

His relationship to the crew is obvious, he buys scavenged and stolen goods and will often give the crew tip offs for a cut of the prophets. He can be won over easily by earth that was goods.

Allen Whitehall

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