Dr Charles Orwell

A wealthy gentleman who pushes for more medical assistance for the outer rim.


High Intelligence, Wealthy, Connected, Excellent Medical Skills… but I am not showing you stats


Doctor Orwell arrived in Newton a few years after the massacre, were upon he opened a practice to treat those surviver that couldn’t afford medical treatment. He drew on his own extensive funds which earned as a top doctor on Ariel.

Doctor Orwell treats any serious injuries to the crew at his practice and sometimes pays them to peform missions for him, related to bringing aid to the outer planets, and his personal research missions.

Traits: Calm, Intelligent, Polite

Relationships to characters/Factions:

Crew: Crew’s secondary doctor, Patron
Maxamillion: Former Patient

Appearances (recent first):

Episode 2: Dr Orwell treated Maximillion’s facial wounds from the reaver attack in Episode 1 at his clinic.

Dr Charles Orwell

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