Daniel "Major" Houston

Daniel Houston Idependent hero and defender of Newton turned millionare Rim Tycoon


“Major” was an independence major during the unification war, he led the valiant 45th overlanders who defended the confederate stronghold of Newton with 97% casualties. Despite the massive loss Houston is seen as a hero for his tennacity and the bravery of his men.

After the war he got lucky during the settlement of Whitefall and hit the only spring on the whole moon, he became a succesful rancher which has to date (6 years later) made him a millionare. He uses his fortune to help those people squashed by the alliance and pays the crew of The Liberty to do so, as well as a little bit of protecting his interests on the side.

He knows both the captain and first officer who served under him in the war, both remain loyal to their former leader.

Traits: Cautious, Honorable

Relationships with characters/factions:
Crew: Ally
Jerry Ot: War Buddy
Leeroy:Astranged War Buddy
Robert Anderson: War Buddy, Bussiness Partner

Appearances: (most recent first)

Episode 2: Major Houston sent the crew to deliver fertiliser to the farming community of Clarance. He paid the crew double after hearing they helped the locals with bandit trouble. He also declared his intention to challenge harvey Treyman at the Gubernorial Election.
Episode 1: Major Houston Warned the crew that A cell of Browncoat Terrorists Planned to crash a weapons platform into Newton.
Episode 0: Major Houston was the commander of the 45th overlanders during the Newton Massacre. He helped surviving civilians escape the bunkers losing many of his men who covered the escape.

Daniel "Major" Houston

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