Jerry Ott

The crews co-captain, who along with Mr. Fairy Boy, Robert Anderson, own the lady liberty and employ her crew.


During the war, Jerry Ott was an intelligence operative, charged with search and destroy and infiltrating alliance installations to retrieve information. However, when returning for some RnR on Shadow, Jerry was recalled to aid in the defence at Newton.

After the orders to stand down, Mr. Ott began aimlessly wandering the galaxy, doing odd jobs to pay his way. He had lost all faith in the Authority of the verse, the heartless alliance, or the Independence that had failed it’s citizens. But one day, drinking away the past, he was greeted by an old comrade, who came up with a plan to procure a firefly and begin anew, conducting business wherever they pleased. Having a little bit too much to drink and being the lightweight he was, Jerry heartily agreed to put forward his meagre savings, and together they became co-captains of the lady liberty.

In the morning, with a headache and flash of realisation, he muttered the words, “Gorram fairy boy, still knows how to take advantage of a man”.

Jerry Ott

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