Liberty's Skies

Episode 1: Reconciliation

6 years after the Newton Massacre the crew of the lady liberty are committing some petty crime. A man by the name of Bacon has hired the crew to steal a case dropped by alliance MI officers. A tense horseback chase and cunning deception of Lieutennant Yang later the crew make away with the case.

The lady liberty lands in newton on unification day, newton is the crews’ home of sorts. After making port Robert and Jerry go to Bacon expecting to get paid. Bacon however has a different idea. Some intimidation later the crew learn that they have to deliver the case to a man by the name of deadeye who will pay them.

Deadeye turns out to be leeroy a member of the 45th overlanders. After getting payed those who went to secure payment head back to the ship, believing things have gone smooth.

However while in the hangar bay Typewriter recieved a message from Major Houston telling the crew that a Case had been trafficked to a Browncoat terrorist just that morning in circumstances Identical to what had just passed. The case contained the components needed to activate a weapons platform in space. The terrorists planned to use the satelite to kill alliance dignitaries during the unification day celebrations.

Bacon, who was enjoying some ill-earned cash at the house of many pleasures, was quickly captured by the crew. He was found to have a ticket to persephone and more knowledge of what had just transpired.

Unfortunately the crew were not the only ones wanting to speak to Bacon, an alliance Marshal and his deputies had come to the house of many pleasures as well. The lead detective, Marshal Rothchild, Was a phycotic and former member of the 771st.

The crew narrowly escaped through a skylight and into the crowded shichang docks. After a few minutes of darting through the crowds the crew met at Whitehalls emporium. The propertier and friend of the crew allowed them to escape through a secret tunnel in his store.

Once the crew and bacon got safely back onto the Lady Liberty bacon got special permission to talk, by authority of the laser Rapier. He spilled everything including the co-ordinates to the weapons platform and a targeting complex on the moon Zues.

The crew decided to clear their names and stop the attack first storming the targeting platform.All went smooth until a ship full of reavers dropped in. Luckily the crew escaped due to the daring piloting of Robert Anderson. Yet one reaver managed to make it on board, and ripped half of Maximillions face off before being pacified.

The crew thought they had saved Newton but Alas, the lead Browncoat terrorist a woman named Nails had decided to crash the weapons platform into the city.

The crew stormed the weapons platform killing Nails. They kept deadeye alive however since he was a war buddy. As the crew flew away Maximillion used his influence to get an allaince cruiser to destroy the weapons platform.

When the crew arrived in Newton the unification celebrations were in full swing. Most of the Crew went to the house of many pleasures for a quit drink. However Marshal Rothchild was in a vengeful mood and attempted to kill the crew. He failed and met a grizzly end.

Later that night prefect Tam made an announcement that as a gesture of reconciliation Newton was going to hold the first Gubernorial election since the war. He endorsed the popular Candidate Harvey Treyman the former commander of 771st.

Episode 0: Browncoats' Resolve (Prelude)

This episode takes place 6 years before episode 1. The city of Newton is suffering a mighty alliance seige, her defenders man an impressive defence. The 45th Overlanders are some of the most critical defenders, entrenched on the cities outskirst, near the AA batteries. Members of Note include; Major Houston, Tex Rodgers, Dr. Pes, “Soap”, Leeroy, Robert Anderson and Jerry Ot.

One night the alliance destroy the AA batteries and send a surge assualt. The 45th overlanders managed to reactivate the AA batteries and inflict heavy casualties on the Alliance.

A few weeks later the alliance call for a truce. However it is a diversion, the alliane bomb the defenders and send a ruthless batalion of special forces to raise the town. The 45th are forced to fall back to the central bunker. While retreating Leeroy attempts to save a fleeing child. She is shot by the 771st (special forces) commander.

Once the overlanders make it back to the bunker they meet Major Houston and a scientist; Dr. Whitehall. The survivors of the massacre realise that the alliance hopes to starve them out, and then kill them. Major Houston proposes a last stand, a diversion so that the civilians can escape.

The surviving 45th Overlanders make an impossible last stand in which “Soap”, Tex Rodgers and Dr. Pez fall. Killing scores of alliance. After detonating a bomb the survivors make it out on the last escape vessel, flown by Major Houston and Dr. Whitehall.


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