• Aatney Lycrease-Panerry

    Aatney Lycrease-Panerry

    A charismatic former politician out of his depth in the Outer Rim.
  • Jerry Ott

    Jerry Ott

    The crews co-captain, who along with Mr. Fairy Boy, Robert Anderson, own the lady liberty and employ her crew.
  • Robert Anderson

    Robert Anderson

    The captain. He wears a black coat and likes to make people know that he is the Captain.
  • Allen Whitehall

    Allen Whitehall

    Allen Whitehall is a fence for all soughts of illegal goods, however his favorite things to deal in are earth-that was artifacts.
  • Bacon


    The Crew's Criminal contact who sweats when nervous.
  • Daniel "Major" Houston

    Daniel "Major" Houston

    Daniel Houston Idependent hero and defender of Newton turned millionare Rim Tycoon
  • Dr Charles Orwell

    Dr Charles Orwell

    A wealthy gentleman who pushes for more medical assistance for the outer rim.
  • Karra Kade

    Karra Kade

    A young investigative Journalist, with money, connections, good looks and her nose in all the wrong places.
  • Madame Engel

    Madame Engel

    A Germanic companion and bordello Madame who has taken a “shine” to one of the crew.
  • Richard “Grizzly” Townsend

    Richard “Grizzly” Townsend

    Bear is a strongly built veteran who shelters the crew in his mechanics workshop, however has no idea of their criminal activities.